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ORP,Simulators,SensorexORP Simulators will help you to easily troubleshoot problems with your ORP control system.  They will permit you to quickly identify which component in the system is causing a system measurement error.

The C110 simulator incorporates a + and - 700 mV generator for verifying ORP circuits in addition to simulating 4, 7 and 10 pH. This is an extremely useful tool to verify cable and instrument operational status during troubleshooting.

The compact case uses a water-resistant rubber key pad that feels nice to the touch. Impedance loaded or no load signals may be generated with this unit. Included with the checker is a CX2 interconnect cable with BNC connector. Accessory Model CX2 cables with a wide variety of connectors are sold separately. 

Order your C110 Simulator today. For ORP Calibration/Verification solutions,
see our ORP buffers page for complete details.


Product Features
Simulate +/- 700 mV
Also simulates, 4, 7, 10 pH
Easy to use
Save Money and Time
Find Defective System Component