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ORP,Calibration,Solutions,SensorexSeveral choices are available for your ORP (REDOX) calibration or verification needs!

450 mV Solution

Lights solution part number B425 is a pre-mixed ORP solution of 450mV.   Lights solutions has long term stability. Supplied in a 3 ounce bottle. This is solution is not for pH calibrations.

228 mV Solution

Zobel solution part number B225 is a pre-mixed ORP solution of 228mV. This solutions has long term stability. Supplied in a pint bottle. Not for pH calibrations.

90mV and 260 mV Solution + pH Too!

Calibration Kit Model B125 - Use the kit for pH calibration, then convert the pH buffers into stable ORP buffers by saturating with Quinhydrone. The Calibration Kit can be used for 30 calibrations and consists of the following items:

1- pint, pH 4 Buffer
1 - pint pH 7 Buffer
3 - 4 oz beakers
1 - 20 gram bottle quinhydrone
1 - instruction sheet wood stirring sticks

Solution values after mixing are 90mV and 260mV.
Solutions have a useful life of a couple of hours.


Product Features
Fixed Value solutions  Zobel and Lights
Combo B125 Kit ORP 2 point calibration Calibrate pH as well !
Part Numbers
Order Number
Calibration Kit
2 pints, 1-20. gram bottle
Calibration Solution
Calibration Solution
3 ounce bottle
Quinhydrone only
20 gram bottle