S8000, Modular, Sensor, Platform, Sensorex

S8000 Modular Sensor Platform From Sensorex

Sensorex - S8000 Modular Sensor Platform

S8000, Modular, Sensor, Platform, SensorexThe S8000 is here! Modular plug and play design makes it easy to use. All parts are made of chemically resistant Ryton for durability in the toughest of applications. All seals are Viton. Submersion or in-line mounting are now possible using the same electrode! Add electronic S8000, Modular, Sensor, Platform, Sensorexmodules for unity gain amplification (extend signal distance), differential amplifier,
4-20mA. Electrode available for pH, HF resistant pH, ORP and low ionic pH.

S8000 Brochure

S8000 Outline and Dimensions


  • Flat Surface - Self Cleaning Design
  • Cartridge Style - Easy to install + Remove
  • Modular Design - Add modules as needed
  • Signal Conditioners - Differential amplifier, unity gain or 4-20mA module plug right in!

Submersion Mounting


1.Use your existing S653 cap/cable and an EA890 adapter .
2. Use EA899 + S853 for submersion mounting
3.Use EA899TC for submersion mounting with ATC and solution ground.

In-Line Mounting:


1.Use EA899TC (with ATC), S855 cap cable and install into FC800 tee.
2.Use EA899 (without ATC), S853 cap cable and install into FC800 tee.


  • pH Range: 0 - 14pH (0-12.3pH with low Na+ ion error)
  • Temperature Range: 0-100ºC, derated under pressure,
    *0-80ºC in Flow Cell or with Electronics
  • Pressure Range: 0-100 psig (7.5 Bar), de-rated under temperature
  • Reference Type: Double Junction Sensorex ERP System
  • ORP Redox Electrode: -1000mV to +1000mV
  • HF resistant pH electrode: 0-12pH, 0-50ºC

Wetted Materials:

  • All electrodes and modules are molded of PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide).
  • pH sensitive glass (pH electrodes), Platinum sealed in glass for ORP electrodes
  • Module EA899TC also has SS316 pin for solution ground
  • All o-rings are Viton
  • FC800 flow cell and FC801 adapters are molded of CPVC

Submersion Option

Example Using Your Exisiting S653 Cap Cable

S8000, Modular, Sensor, Platform, Sensorex

In-Line Mounting


S8000, Modular, Sensor, Platform, Sensorex