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Cable Assemblies From Sensorex

Sensorex - Cable Assemblies

Cable,Assemblies,SensorexAll pH and ORP electrodes in the 600 and 222 series are designed for easy maintenance, using cartridge-type combination electrodes and quick-disconnect BNC connectors. Electrode installation and removal can be done in just a few seconds, and no tools are needed.

Several styles of Low Noise Co-Axial Cable Assemblies are available. Always specify your required cable length (up to 100 feet) and the connectors required to connect to YOUR pH meter, preamplifier, or transmitter. 

Most styles include a protected BNC connector that plugs onto the cartridge style electrode and seals securely against the electrode's leak tight O-ring.

For submersion style, use Model S653. 

Manufactured in CPVC, It has a 1/2" Male NPT thread permitting you to attach it to your 1/2" female coupling on your supporting pipe. This same part number is used for inline installations, when you desire to install the cable in conduit.

Product Features

Easy Maintenance
Fast!   Fast!   Fast !
No Tools Needed
Cable remains in place
Optional ATC






Cable,Assemblies,Sensorex Cable,Assemblies,Sensorex


Cable assembly Model S648, has a smooth cap and costs a few dollars less.  It is used to connect most in-line or insertion installations. 

Temperature compensated versions for use with pipe Tees are available, and usually ordered with a specially modified flow cell (pipe T)  from Sensorex. More information on the flow cells for in-line or Side Stream and ATC cables for insertion may be found in the linked product pages.

All cable assemblies are available with an optional polyurethane coating over the standard PVC outer jacket for water resistance. To order the extra heavy duty water resistant cable, add a "W" (S653W or 648W) to the part number. Please see connectors and cable for more information about our low noise cables.

The S653 may be ordered with an optional Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) sensor. If ATC is required for your system, order the S653TC (with CPVC material) and specify the required ATC, length of cable and connectors.

Example, Complete ATC Cap Cable Assembly Part Number ....."S653TC-P1K-20'-BNC-BW"

This cap cable uses ATC, ( a Platinum 1000 ohm RTD) 20 feet of cable, a BNC connector for the pH & REF and Bare Wires for the TC cable. If you are not certain of the ATC, advise Sensorex of the make and model of the transmitter-controller you are using with the cable.

Part #
Submersion/Conduit with TC
Submersion/Conduit - Kynar Body
Submersion/Conduit with TC - Kynar Body
In-Line or Insertion
Ext Cable
Extension Cable - Specify each End connection and cable length

Note: Inline and insertion assemblies have cable included in hardware. Please refer to in-line or Insertion mounting sections for details and specifications.


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