Process Conductivity Sensors From Sensorex

Process Conductivity Sensors From Sensorex
Process,Conductivity,Sensors,SensorexSensorex offers a wide selection of contacting process conductivity sensors. Choose from low cost models, a variety of 316SS models and non-contacting toroidal (inductive) type cells.

Our Light Industrial use conductivity sensors are made with graphite measuring surfaces in epoxy bodies.  They are used for in-line or submersion applications.

Sanitary Flange 316SS conductivity sensors are designed for use in 1, 11/2" and 2" Tri-Clover fittings.

For General Industrial use conductivity sensor, our 316-SS body , 3/4" and 1/2" male NPT conductivity sensors. 

316SS Boiler conductivity sensors are designed for use in boiler blow down applications up to 200 degrees C and 250 psig.

High Pressure conductivity sensor are designed to withstand the higher pressure needs of our customers.

Toroidal non-contacting sensors offer enormous range coverage with one sensor and have no contact with samples.  They work accurately, in solutions with contaminants.

Sensorex Contacting type cells can be supplied with or without ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation), and are available in standard cell K values of 0.1, 1.0 and 10.  Specify the type of ATC measuring element that is required with your meter, transmitter or controller.

Product Features
Economical Plastic Models
316SS Boiler Probes
Non-contacting Toroidal Sensors
316SS Sanitary Flange Sensors
General Use 316SS Sensors
High Pressure Conductivity Sensors