Conductivity Sensor Accessories From Sensorex

Conductivity,Sensor,Accessories,SensorexSensorex - Conductivity Sensor Accessories
Installation fittings, calibration solutions and low cost 4-20mA transmitters are available for your conductivity measuring requirements.

Conductivity Solutions

Sensorex produces quality calibration standards, available in a variety of TDS (PPM) or Microsiemen values to use to calibrate your conductivity sensor. 

Conductivity Transmitters

Also offered are blind conductivity transmitters that will power your conductivity sensor and convert the output to 4-20mA current loop to allow sensor output to be read and controlled by a PLC, datalogger or standard 4-20mA controller.

Installation Fittings

Fittings are available to permit users to install plastic body cells into pipe tees or submerse them in tanks.  FC50P (1/2") and FC75P (3/4"), low cost 12mm gland fittings provide for installation into threaded tees or can be reversed and attached to a coupler and pipe for submersion use.

Product Features
  • Wide Range of conductivity standards
  • Low cost reliable conductivity transmitter
  • Economical Installation fittings