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12mm diameter epoxy body designs are available for Lab and Portable use. They feature graphite or platinum ring measuring surfaces.  Available cell constants are  k = 0.1, k= 1.0 and k= 10.0 Optional custom cell K values can be provided.

All of these conductivity cells can be supplied with or without ATC elements for automatic temperature compensation.


Several types of conductivity sensors are available to meet your process conductivity measuring requirements.

Wide ranging inductive toroidal, non-contacting sensors in polypropylene bodies as well as optional PEEK or Kynar (PVDF).

316SS Boiler conductivity sensors are can be used up to 200 degrees C and 250 psig.

316SS Sanitary Conductivity and Resistivity sensors are designed to fit into 1",1.5" and 2" Tri-Clover type fittings.

12mm diameter epoxy body conductivity cells with graphite measuring surfaces can be mounted into 1/2" or 3/4" tees.

Platinum ring or plate designs, as well as titanium are available for special applications.

A comprehensive selection of NIST Conductivity Standard solutions are available. Choose from a variety of popular mixed salt PPM or uS (Microsiemen) solutions for your individual calibration requirements.

NIST certificates are available for a processing fee.

Low cost transmitters, fittings and other accessories are also available for your conductivity sensing needs.