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Conductivity,Calibration,Solutions,SensorexSensorex produces quality calibration standards, available in a variety of TDS (PPM) or Microsiemen values.

Conductivity Standard Solutions

Sensorex offers a wide range of Mixed Salt and Single Salt Conductivity Standards. Our standards are prepared to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) primary solutions standards. Both Mixed Salts and Single Salt solutions are available. A NIST certificate is available for a nominal charge.

Conductivity cells and meters must be calibrated together. Industrial customers will often calibrate 3 to 5 times per year. Cells used in analytical laboratories are calibrated with greater frequency.

Solutions are supplied in quart bottles (946 ml) and are ready for immediate use. Both the TDS and the conductivity values are listed on the label. Shelf life is guaranteed for a year, and each solution is supplied with an MSDS sheet.  Custom standards with special conductivity values or special packaging requirements are available on request.

Product Features
Mixed Salt Standards - Practical
Single Salt Standards - Specific
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For a single point calibration, select the one solution that approximates the expected conductivity or ppm level of total salts. Multipoint calibrations can be accomplished using 2 or more standards.

Aqueous solutions with a single Salt, will exhibit a specific relationship of conductivity vs. ppm concentration.  Each mineral salt has it's own unique curve. The curve for potassium chloride, for example, is different than sodium carbonate. These characteristics makes it difficult to accurately measure a sample containing a mixture of different salts. 

Sensorex Mixed Salt standards provide a useful, and practical solution to this phenomenon. Mixed Salt standards are the most frequently used in the field to sample naturally occurring water sources, boiler feed water or cooling tower water. 

Mixed Salt Solutions

A typical river water, well water or lake water sample will contain a mixture of several different salts. Sensorex Mixed Salt standards simulate a "Natural" mixture of common salt compounds found in these sources. Sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride salts are blended to provide a representative value. Mixed salt standards are useful laso for calibrating cells for boiler feed water and cooling towers. Mixed Salt standards will likely be the best choice for your cell calibration, except as noted below.

Mixed Salt Conductivity Standards Values Shown @ 25° C
Part Number
Bottle Size
15 ppm/23.8 uS
1 Quart (946 ml)
30 ppm/46.7  µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
150 ppm/229 µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
300 ppm/445 µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
500 ppm/731 µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
1000 ppm/1417  µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
1500 ppm/2060  µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
3000 ppm/3900  µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
5687 ppm/7000  µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
9523 ppm/10,000  µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
15,000 ppm/16,630 µS
1 Quart (946 ml)
30,000 ppm/30,100 µS
1 Quart (946 ml)

Single Salt Solutions

Mixed salt solutions are by far, the most popular and commonly used conductivity standards. There are certain applications where Single Salt Solutions are preferred.

NaCl Solution is routinely used to calibrate instruments measuring Sea Water or brackish water samples. Reagent grade salt and high resistivity DI water is compounded for accurate results.

KCI Single Salt Solution may be used with conductivity meters that read directly in "Siemens" (microsiemens, millisiemens, or micromhos). KCI (potassium chloride) is established as an international calibration standard for conductivity measurement.

Single Salt Conductivity Standards Values Shown @25°C
Part Number
Bottle Size - Salt Type
11.4 ppm/18 µS
Quart (946 ml) Potassium Chloride (KCl)
45 ppm/70µS
Quart (946 ml) Potassium Chloride (KCl)
116.5 ppm/180 µS
Quart (946 ml) Potassium Chloride (KCl)
478 ppm/700 µS
Quart (946 ml) Potassium Chloride (KCl)
1294 ppm/1,800  µS
Quart (946 ml) Potassium Chloride (KCl)
5687 ppm/7,000 µS
Quart (946 ml) Potassium Chloride (KCl)
16,462 ppm/18,000 µS
Quart (946 ml) Potassium Chloride (KCl)
6956 ppm/12,500 µS
Quart (946 ml) Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
7501 ppm/13,400 µS
Quart (946 ml) Sodium Chloride (NACl)
7864.7 ppm/14,000 µS
Quart (946 ml) Sodium Chloride (NaCl)