Cable and Connector Options From Sensorex

Cable and Connector Options From Sensorex

Cable,Connector,Options,SensorexSensorex supplies many types and styles of special connectors to permit you to use our electrodes with most makes and models of pH meters, transmitters, and controllers.

Low noise coaxial connecting cable is used with pH electrodes.


The single most popular type of connector used today with pH electrodes is the reliable and efficient BNC. This economical coaxial connector is the standard design used by most manufacturers today, and is supplied as standard with our stock electrodes.

This "Twist and Lock" design provides a positive , low-noise connection. The BNC connection is held between the thumb and forefinger, and pushed onto the BNC receptacle (the "BNR") and twisted clockwise 1/8th turn.

Sensorex offers dozens of different end connectors as options to match up to most any meter-transmitter or controller that you own. Some of these are supplied at no additional cost, others are available at a modest extra charge. 

Specify the type of connector you require when you place an order.

pH Electrode Cable

pH electrodes generate a very high impedance millivolts. All Sensorex pH electrodes are intended for use with a specially designed low noise coaxial cable. The coaxial design will minimize noise pickup from the surrounding environment through which the cable is run. 

The standard length of cable for most laboratory pH electrodes is 30" (0.7 meter). Most process or industrial installations use cable lengths of 15 to 25 feet (4 to 7 M). Sensorex can fabricate cable lengths of 100 feet (or even more) for any pH electrode.  Specify the length of cable you need for your requirement when ordering.

Waterproof  full submersible cable is available as an option at additional cost. Specify this at time of order placement. Automatic Temperature Compensation low noise coaxial cable is also available for our 3-in-1 pH and for our Process pH electrodes.


Product Features

Wide Selection of Standard and Special connectors from stock


Several types of low noise Coaxial cables available from stock

pH Electrode Connector Specifications