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Sensorex - Graphite Conductivity Sensors

Graphite,Conductivity,Sensors,SensorexFor economical conductivity measurements, our durable epoxy body series can be used in-line or submersible with the use of inexpensive threaded mounting glands.

Low Cost Graphite and Plastic Models

Sensorex durable epoxy body CS150 conductivity sensors are supplied with graphite measuring surfaces. Optional ATC elements can be matched to the specific conductivity meter requirement.  In-line or submersion mounting can be accomplished with use of our low cost 1/2" or 3/4" mounting glands. Use the threads to install the sensor into a tee, or reverse the fitting and use the threads to connect to a pipe coupling. Choose 0.1 or 1.0 Cell K. The basic unit is supplied with a 30" cable and tinned lead connections. Specify special cable length and connector requirements.

Graphite Sensor
Graphite Sensor with ATC*
1/2" MNPT Mounting Gland
3/4" MNPT Mounting Gland


Special cell K values such as 0.01 and 10 and others are available in quantity orders. Special packaging and design are also available. Contact Metex to discuss your specific conductivity measurement requirements.

* Specify ATC required by your meter of controller.


Product Features
Durable plastic body Construction
Optional ATC available
Graphite measuring surfaces