Integrated Ground Loop Interrupt pH Electrodes From Sensorex

Sensorex - Integrated Ground Loop Interrupt pH Electrodes

Integrated,Ground,Loop,Interrupt,pH,Electrodes,SensorexSensorex introduced this series of electrodes to address an increasing need to solve electrical grounding problems in tanks and in-line installations. The integral amplifier permits long cable lengths to be used, (more than 1,000 feet) between the electrode and the controller-transmitter.

To learn how are new S8000 pH platform can be used in line visit the link below.

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Integrated,Ground,Loop,Interrupt,pH,Electrodes,SensorexPlastic tanks and piping are particularly susceptible to grounding problems, because of poor earth grounding. Dirty motors from electrically driven pumps or mixers, other electrical equipment and even conductivity probes leak voltage into the solution which feeds through the pH electrode and electronic circuit.  This leads to invalid readings and shortened electrode life.

The DA series electrode combats these problems by utilizing a solution ground pin and internal battery powered ground interrupt circuit. The battery has an estimated 2 year service life. The DA series electrodes are part of our Flat Surface, self cleaning series quick disconnect designs which offer all the benefits of our time tested and proven self cleaning series and more!

The classical diagnostic symptom is when the system calibrates and works fine outside of the tank or line, but drifts or reads incorrectly when installed in the system. The battery powered internal amplifier permits long cable runs to be used between the electrode and the transmitter-controller, even 1,000 feet or more !

These cost effective electrodes are mounted into standard Sensorex gland fittings and can be used for submersion installations as well as in 3/4", 1" and 2" size pipe tee's.  They use our standard cap cables for ease of use.  Special Fluoride Resistant versions are also available.

Product Features
Ground Loop  Solves Grounding issues
Cartridge Style Easy to replace
Flat Surface self cleaning
Interchangeable Replace Most brands of electrodes
Mounting Fits all Sensorex mounting hardware
Ground Loop Interrupt Electrodes
Part Number
Cartridge pH Electrode
Submersion Style, Flat Surface
Cartridge pH Electrode
Submersion STyle - HF Resistant
Cartridge pH Electrode
Use in 3/4" Pipe Tee
Cartridge pH Electrode
Use in 3/4" Pipe Tee - HF Resistant
Cartridge pH Electrode
Use in 1" Pipe Tee
Cartridge pH Electrode
Use in 1" Pipe Tee - HF Resistant
Cartridge pH Electrode
Use in 2" Pipe Tee
Cartridge pH Electrode
Use in 2" Pipe Tee - HF resistant

(We do not offer this version in an insertion assembly
or for the special by-pass design)

Sensorex electrodes are available worldwide for use with most every make and model of meter and controller.