In-Line Mounted pH Electrodes From Sensorex

Sensorex - In-Line Mounted pH Electrodes

In,Line,Mounted,pH,Electrodes,SensorexIn-Line mountings are ideal for replacing existing brands of threaded electrodes. They are used in piping systems where the flow can be shut off for electrode maintenance.  In turbulent flow, they will perform as self cleaning electrodes.

To learn how are new S8000 pH platform can be used in line visit the link below.

The S8000 pH platform is here! Better performance, better price!


A simple, reusable gland is used to mount the electrode. Electrodes, glands, and flow cells are available to fit 3/4", 1", and 2" lines.

To order an In-Line mounted combination pH/Reference electrode with a Double Reference Junction, select the electrode, flow cell, and cable assembly you need. These parts are available only in CPVC material. Note that when automatic temperature compensation is required,  the cable becomes an integral part of the flow cell.  (Order a separate Cable Assembly only when ordering without temperature compensation.)

Flow cells, glands and cable assemblies are reusable, over and over again. Only the simple cartridge electrode is replaced, once the retrofit conversion is made.


Product Features
Flat Surface -  Self Cleaning

Cartridge style - Saves time & money

Double Junction - Resists Process Poisoning

Gel Filled - No Maintenance

Gland Mounting - Replaces most brands


To learn more about the Sensorex Flat Surface Self Cleaning technology, visit our page on Flat Surface Electrode Operating Principles.

In-Line pH No ATC Needed
Electrode Part #
Pipe Size
Cable Part #
S660CD 3/4" FC66P S648-L-EC *
S653-L-EC * (for installation in conduit )
S661CD 1" FC67P S648-L-EC
S653-L-EC * (for installation in conduit)
S662CD 2" FC68P S648-L-EC *
S653-L-EC * (for installation in conduit )

* Specify the "L" length in feet

* Specify the "EC" End Connection, ie..."BNC"

In-Line pH  With Automatic Temperature Compensation
Electrode Part #
Pipe Size
Flow Cell Part #
(includes cable and Gland)
S660CD 3/4" FC66TC-#-L-EC *
S661CD 1" FC67TC-#-L-EC *
S662CD 2" FC68TC-#-L-EC *

# - Specify the Temperature Compensator required

* -  Specify the "L" length in feet

EC - Specify the "EC" End Connection, ie..."BNC"