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Sensorex - Process pH Electrode Materials

Process,pH,Electrode,Materials,SensorexSensorex process flat surface pH electrodes and electrode holders are available in either Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) or in Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) materials. CPVC designs are useful for a broad range of water-based applications. PVDF offers improved organic solvent resistance. Users are urged to consult with their materials specialists when selecting materials of construction for any Sensorex electrode.

In CPVC designs, materials wetted by the sample include: CPVC, polyethylene, glass, O-rings made of Viton® and, for ORP electrodes, platinum. Material wetted by the sample in PVDF designs include: PVDF, glass, Viton® O-rings, and, for ORP electrodes, platinum.

CPVC and PVDF electrode pipe Tee fittings are not interchangeable.

The general purpose process electrodes electrodes are made of Ryton® (polyphenylene sulfide PPS) or epoxy. Mounting glands for these electrodes are available in glass filled polypropylene. Other materials of the electrode in contact with the sample include silicone, nylon, and glass.

The laboratory pH and ORP electrodes are made of either epoxy, glass. The glass electrodes will also have ceramic in contact with the sample. The epoxy electrodes will have silicone, nylon, and glass in contact with the sample.

Additionally, some unique sensors are constructed from highly specialized engineering materials such as PEEK®. With this wide range of available materials Sensorex has the right electrode for your application.


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Kynar® (PVDF)