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pH,Checkers,Simulators,SensorexpH Simulators will help you to easily troubleshoot problems with your pH control system.  Quickly identify which component in the system is causing your difficulty.

pH control loops can be difficult to troubleshoot, unless you have the right tools. 

For years, the typical customer when faced with a pH error on his display will replace the old pH electrode. The old probe is tossed it into the trash, and a fresh electrode installed. If this solved the problem, all is well. 

If the user does not have a spare probe on hand, a new one may have to be shipped overnight at considerable expense. If the replacement probe does NOT solve the problem, time and money has been wasted.

The Sensorex pH checker simulates a perfect pH electrode. The technician selects a pH signal (4, 7 or 10) and connects the simulator to the cable assembly.


Product Features
Find Defective System Component
Easy to use
Save Money and Time
Optional Cable assemblies available with different connector choices

How the Simulator Can Help

If the controller displays the correct value, the electrode is bad, and needs to be replaced.

If there is still an error on the display, another system component is at fault, and the checker will help you to determine which one is bad. The simulator may be connected directly to the preamplifier, and the signal verified.  if this solved the problem, the cable between the electrode and the preamplifier may be the culprit. 

If the simulator is connected to the cables leaving the pre amp and the display is normal, the preamplifier needs to be checked. Maybe a loose cable connection on the terminal strip, a bad cable, or a bad preamplifier. if the simulator is connected directly to the controller, and the display still shows error, it may be time to service the controller.

The simulator costs less than most pH electrodes. It can easily pay for itself the very first time you consider disposing of a perfectly good pH electrode. You will be able to eliminate the electrode, cable, meter, preamplifier, or controller as the cause of the problem. You may also check under high impedance condition, a most useful option with our checkers.

C110 pH Simulator

The Model C110 Checker/Simulator verifies pH, and also incorporates +/- 700 mV outputs to verify ORP/REDOX instruments. This is an ideal unit for full pH and ORP/REDOX field trouble shooting. The compact case uses a water-resistant rubber key pad that feels nice to the touch.

Impedance loaded or no load signals may be generated with this unit. Included with the checker is a CX2 interconnect cable with BNC connector. Accessory Model CX2 cables with a wide variety of connectors are sold separately). Order your C110 Simulator today.