Laboratory pH Electrodes From Sensorex

Laboratory pH Electrodes From Sensorex

Laboratory,pH,Electrodes,SensorexSensorex offers a comprehensive selection of laboratory pH electrodes to meet your most demanding analysis requirements. Soaker storage bottles or caps ensure that the electrodes are instantly ready for use.

Single and Double Junction Designs

Single and double junction models are available.  Select the double junction models if you are working with materials which interact with silver (Ag). (sulphur or heavy metal compounds).

Choose Your Model

Models include standard size, research grade, flask size, semi-micro size, spear-tip, 3-in-1, flat surface, and specialty low volume flow cells.

Laboratory pH Electrode Selection Guide

If you need some help selecting the proper pH electrode for your needs, see our Laboratory pH electrode selection guide, or contact Sensorex for assistance..

Product Highlights
  • Plastic Body is Virtually Unbreakable
  • Glass Body conventional construction
  • Research Grade offers High Performance - Fast Response
  • Spear Tip Penetrates into product samples
  • 3-in-1 Includes ATC Element
Laboratory pH Electrode Specifications

Plastic Body pH Electrodes
Glass Body pH Electrodes
Research Grade pH Electrodes

Sensorex plastic body pH electrodes are constructed of epoxy. Bulb protection is standard. See pH Electrode Selection Guide for more information.

Glass Body electrodes feature ruggedized hemispherical bulbs as standard. See pH Electrode Selection Guide for more information.

Research Grade electrodes utilize our pHASE technology for rapid thermal equilibration and stability. Both sealed and refillable models are available.

3-in-1 pH Electrodes
Low Flow Volume pH Electrodes
Spear Tip pH Electrodes

3-in-1 electrodes incorporate an Automatic Temperature Compensation element and can be supplied to match your pH meter's requirements.

Flat Surface electrodes are used for viscous or oily samples. When installed in one of our micro liter flow cells, they are perfect for HPLC, FIA and other Low Volume sample analysis.

Spear Tip piercing pH electrodes are designed for demanding penetration measurements. Use them to stab into soil samples, cheese or even raw meat!