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Process,pH,Electrodes,Measureent,SensorexSensorex is the world leader in problem solving pH measurement. Our Flat Surface Self Cleaning pH electrodes will save time and money. In addition, they minimize some of the most common problems facing users - breakage, abrasion and coatings. For our customers in need of low cost general use solutions, we offer a comprehensive selection.

Flat Surface

General Purpose

Our process line of pH electrodes features a complete selection of the world renown flat surface self cleaning measuring technology, developed by Sensorex two decades ago.

Models are available for:

New S8000 Series





The flat measuring surface minimizes the problems associated with coating.  They are abrasion resistant, and simple to clean, when cleaning is necessary. 

To learn more about how Sensorex flat surface self cleaning technology can save you time and money, visit our page on Flat Surface Electrode Operating Principles

Low cost solutions are available using conventional round or spherical bulbs.  These economical electrodes are available with a choice of molded Ryton bodies, machined PVC or CPVC nipples, or simple mounting glands.

For more information on our economy line of Quality pH electrodes, visit our page on General Purpose pH Electrodes.