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pH Electrode Accessories From Sensorex

Sensorex - pH Electrode Accessories

pH,Electrode,Accessories,SensorexSensorex offers a wide range of useful accessories to help you solve problems with common sense solutions. Contact Sensorex, if you are not able to find what you need.

Automatic Temperature Compensation

pH electrode Automatic Temperature Compensation is a useful option for certain process control applications. Sensorex will incorporate this as an option into many of our process mounting styles.

Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies are available for all pH and ORP electrodes in the 600 and 222 series.  Electrode installation and removal can be done in just a few seconds, and no tools are needed.

pH Buffer and Calibration Solution Kits

Sensorex supplies pH buffers as color coded liquids to facilitate calibration of any pH electrode. Other electrode solutions are available as useful accessories. Storage solutions, Reference fill solutions and reference gels permit you to maximize the life of your laboratory style pH electrode.

pH Transmitters

The PHMA blind 2-wire 4-20mA transmitter provides a low cost solution for converting the signal from a pH electrode into a 4-20mA output. Ideal for direct input into PLC and other 4-20mA input devices.

pH Amplifiers

PHAMP-1 pH electrode amplifiers may be required, when retrofitting new electrodes to existing pH control systems.  Sensorex offers both battery and line powered preamplifiers to match virtually ANY make and model pH transmitter or controller.

pH Checker/Simulator

pH checkers  are useful tools to troubleshoot a pH control system. Quickly identify the electrode, cable, preamplifier, or controller as the cause of the problem. 


3/4" and 1/2" MNPT gland fitting provide for in-line installation of 12mm electrodes into appropriate FNPT threaded tees. The glands can be reversed and attached to a threaded coupler on a pipe for submersion.

Reusable 316 SS sanitary fittings are available to mount our laboratory style pH electrodes onto Tri-Clamp style Sanitary flanges.  1", 1-1/2" and 2" sizes are available. Economical pH electrodes are replaced as necessary, the mounting flange fittings are re-used.


Sensorex offers an extensive selection of cable connectors to match up to most models of meters, transmitters and controllers.



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