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Side Stream Mounted pH Electrodes From Sensorex

Sensorex - Side Stream Mounted pH Electrodes

Side,Stream,Mounted,pH,Electrodes,SensorexThese pH electrodes are available in special 3/4" NPT by-pass flow cells that optimize their self cleaning benefits. Customers in Food and Dairy applications or with oily wastewater use this unique design to solve many problems.

By-pass mountings are particularly useful in applications involving oily coatings, low suspended solids, or moderately viscous materials. The flow cell is easily isolated using inexpensive block valves, to service the electrode without the need for any tools.

Product Features

Cartridge Design 
Easy to service
- no tools
Flow Cell
For oily or viscous liquids
Flat Surface
Self Cleaning
Minimal Flow Rates
Perfect for Food or Dairy

Side Stream Mounted pH Electrodes

An inexpensive flow cell accelerates the velocity past the electrode in a predictable manner. The 3/4" flow cell's restricted 1/4" diameter orifice provides a 2 ft/sec velocity per GPM past the electrode's flat sensing surface. Flow rates of 1 to 5 GPM provide excellent cleaning velocities in low viscosity applications. Exact control of flow rates is not required.

Lower flow rates are used when viscosities are higher. Even 1 GPM still provides excellent flow in shear to assure that fresh material is always at the measuring surface.

In the food or dairy industry, only a tiny rate of fluid  product needs to be pumped through the flow cell. This material can then be directed to waste disposal, with no chance of glass contaminating the consumers product.   Rates of 0.5 or even 0.2 gpm will provide accurate measurement of pH. The pH glass sensing technology is acknowledged to be the easiest to use, more repeatable, more accurate, more dependable and lower cost than solid state sensing technologies.

For most installation, select the S645CD electrode, the flow cell and the cable assembly. 

If Automatic Temperature Compensation is required for your system, select the S645CD electrode and the FC60TC-#-L-EC-EC.

By-Pass Installation Components
Part #
pH Electrode
Cartridge Style, Flat Surface, self cleaning
Flow Cell
3/4" Female NPT, CPVC
Cable Assembly
Specify L in feet, and EC the end connections required
Flow Cell + Cable
for Auto Temp Comp, specify L, EC and # (ATC element)



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