Spear Tip pH Electrode From Sensorex

Sensorex - Spear Tip pH Electrode

Spear,Tip,pH,Electrode,SensorexA Rugged Spear Tip electrode for penetration pH measurements! The Model S175CD pH electrode is ideal for measuring the pH of semi-solid material samples. 

The Sensorex S175CD spear tip combination pH electrode is perfect for those pH measurements in applications where sample piercing is required. Meat, sausage, cheese and soil are ideal applications.

The electrode features an extremely durable glass measuring spear shaped tip, packaged in a rugged , virtually unbreakable epoxy body. The electrode features a double junction reference design for protection from contaminating samples. It will provide extended service life when used with samples containing silver ions. The junction utilizes an extended surface area Semi-Porous PVDF (Kynar) thermoplastic to provide excellent sample contact.

All of our laboratory electrodes are supplied with a 30" cable (76 cm), soaker storage bottle and a BNC connector at no additional charge. Many other connectors are available for a modest additional charge. Special cable lengths are readily available at additional charge.


Product Features
Robust - Durable - Rugged
Double Junction for extra protection
Use for Meat - Cheese - Soil
Use with most pH Meters
Piercing Spear Tip pH Electrode Specifications