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Sensorex - Submersion Mounted pH Electrodes

Side,Stream,Mounted,pH,Electrodes,SensorexSubmersion installations into tanks are one of the most common installation methods. Enjoy the benefits of our flat surface design by mounting the electrode in flow or agitation within the tank.

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Our Original 600 Series

Submersion measurements in tanks, flumes, and sewer lines are the most common type of mounting arrangement for pH measurement. They can conveniently be made using the Sensorex Submersion system.

It is especially well suited for applications with high suspended solids or where flocculation operations require low velocities. It is also useful for coating problems in tanks which have high agitation.

Where only low velocities are present and coating is a problem, the electrode can be mounted at a 45 degree angle facing into the flow. This will provide enhanced scrubbing action across the measuring surface, keeping the surface cleaner, longer.

If electrode coatings continue to be a problem, it may be necessary to install a small circuiting pump and use the Side Stream unit to achieve the needed Self Cleaning action.


Product Features
Flat Surface 
Self Cleaning Design
Cartridge Style
Easy to install + Remove
Special Versions
Solve many Problems
Replace any Brand


Our cartridge style makes installation and removal of the electrodes a breeze.

The pH electrode cartridge has a BNC type connector and a pair of O-rings fitted into the top end. Simply plug the electrode in to the Cap Cable, and you are done! The O-rings provide a watertight seal, even under the most demanding conditions.

To order:

Select pH electrode part number S650CD and a cap cable assembly.

Submersion Installation Components
Part # Description Features






pH Electrode

pH Electrode

pH Electrode

pH Electrode

pH Electrode

Cartridge Style, Flat Surface, self cleaning

Low Ionic Sample Model

High Temperature Continuous Use Model

Samples Containing Acidic HF

Protective tip

S653-L-EC* Cable Assembly Standard Use, without ATC.*
S653-TC-#-L-EC* Cable Assembly

Use for Automatic Temperature Compensation,

specify L, EC and # (ATC element) required for your controller.*

*Specify L in feet, and EC the end connections required

Purchase the cap cable assembly one time only!  When it is time to replace the electrode, pay only for the replacement electrode, not for any special preamplifiers, and not for the special ATC element.  Sensorex offers this cost benefit to save you money!

The standard cap cable assembly is part number S653-L-EC.   This is complete with a 1/2" male NPT connection on the end closer to your controller.  Simply thread this into a 1/2" female coupling on the end of your submersion pipe.  Specify the "L" in feet on your order, and also specify the "EC" (End Connection) a "BNC" for example. 

A typical complete part number will look like....."S653-20-BNC"

If Automatic Temperature Compensation is required, it can be included in the Cap Cable assembly.  Specify the cable assembly with ATC as....S653TC-#-L-EC-EC.  Specify "#" as the necessary temperature compensator required by your model meter.  Specify "L" in feet, and specify "EC", the end connection that you require. 

A typical complete part number WITH ATC will look like....."S653TC-10k-20-BNC-TL" 

(a 10,000 ohm thermistor for your meter, 20' of cable, a BNC connector for the pH-REF, and Tinned Leads for the TC wires)

Sensorex offers many special submersion electrodes to meet specific requirements.  We offer a special electrode for ground loop applications, one for HF resistance, another for high temperature and severe chemical attack and still another for low ionic applications.  All of these special part number will utilize the standard Cap Cable assemblies.