Preamplifier Wiring Diagrams From Sensorex

Preamplifier,Wiring,Diagrams,SensorexThe following preamplifier wiring diagrams are provided in the event you do not have the original diagram sent with the preamplifier or if you just want an extra copy.  If you do not see the wiring diagram you need listed below, please contact Technical Support Department.

Beckman/Uniloc Controllers

Controller, Preamp

Beckman SoluComp, U698-03 ---U698-03-SC

Beckman 940, V1---V1-940

Uniloc 1000-1002, UVA---UVA-1000

Uniloc 1003, UVA---UVA-1000

Uniloc 1050, U2587---U2587-1050

Foxoboro Controllers

Controller, Preamp

Foxboro 2220, V1---V1-2220

Foxboro 870, V2 --- V2-870

Foxboro 872, V2--- V2-872

Foxboro 873, V2--- V2-873

Foxboro 874, V2--- V2-874

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) Controllers

Controller, Preamp

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) Model 60, V1 ---V1-60

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) Model 70, V1 ---V1-70

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) Model 90, GL90B ---GL90B-90

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 570, GL90A ---GL90A-570

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 570, GL90B ---GL90B-570

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 671, GL90A ---GL90A-671

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 671, GL90B ---GL90B-671

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 672, GL90A ---GL90A-672

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 672, GL90B ---GL90B-672

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 690, GL90A ---GL90A-690

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 690, GL90B ---GL90B-690

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 692, GL90A ---GL90A-692

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 692, GL90B ---GL90B-692

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 697P4, GL90A ---GL90A-697

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) 570, GL90A ---GL90A-570

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) P63, GL90A ---GL90A-P63

Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) P63, GL90A ---GL90A-P53

Honeywell Controllers

Controller, Preamp

Honeywell 9782, V1---V1-9782

Leeds and Northrup (L&N) Controllers

Controller, Preamp

Leeds and Northrup 7073, V1 --- V1-7073

Leeds and Northrup 7075, V1 --- V1-7075

Leeds and Northrup 7076, V1 --- V1-7076

Leeds and Northrup 7079, V1 --- V1-7079

Leeds and Northrup 7081, V1 --- V1-7081

Leeds and Northrup 7082, V1 --- V1-7082

Leeds and Northrup 7083, V1 --- V1-7083

Leeds and Northrup 7084, V1 --- V1-7084

Rosemount Analytical Controllers

Controller, Preamp

Rosemount 54e, SDI--SDI-54e

Rosemount 2081, SDI--- SDI-2081

Rosemount 3081, SDI--- SDI-3081

Rosemount 54e, U698-03--- U698-03-54e

Rosemount 1054, U698-03---U69803-1054

Rosemount 1054A, U698-03---U698-03-1054A

Rosemount 1054B, U698-03--- U698-03-1054B

Rosemount 1054BCL, U698-03--- U698-03-1054BCL

Rosemount 1055 SoluComp, SDI---SDI-1055

Rosemount 2081, U698-03--- U698-03-2081

Rosemount 1181, U2587--- U2587-1181

GF Signet Controllers

Controller, Preamp

GF Signet 8710, EC1--- EC1-8710

GF Signet 5700, SSA--- SSA-5700

GF Signet 8750-1, SSA--- SSA-8750-1

GF Signet 8750-2, SSA--- SSA-8750-2

GF Signet 8750-3, SSA--- SSA-8750-3

GF Signet 9030, SSA--- SSA-9030

GF Signet 9759, SSA--- SSA-9759

GF Signet MK710, SSA--- SSA-MK710

GF Signet MK719, SSA--- SSA-MK719

GF Signet MK750, SSA--- SSA-MK750

GF Signet 8710, SSA2--- SSA2-8710

GF Signet 8750-1, SSA2--- SSA2-8750-1

GF Signet 8750-2, SSA2--- SSA2-8750-2

GF Signet 8750-3, SSA2--- SSA2-8750-3

TBI Bailey Controllers

Controller, Preamp

TBI Model TB7, U698-03--- U69803TBITB7Wiring.pdf

Toroidal,Conductivity,Sensors,Sensorex Toroidal,Conductivity,Sensors,SensorexToroidal,Conductivity,Sensors,Sensorex

All models include a standard style ATC measuring element and a 20' (6 meter) cable. Be sure to specify your ATC element when ordering. Standard construction is Polypropylene. Optional materials include PVDF (KYNAR) and PEEK.