Toroidal Conductivity Sensors From Sensorex

Sensorex - Toroidal Conductivity Sensors
  • Toroidal,Conductivity,Sensors,SensorexResists fouling and coatings common with contacting cells.

  • Very wide measuring range, 0 - 2,000,000 uS.

  • Use for long term deployment with no maintenance.

The TCS-1000 toroidal conductivity sensor provides a non-contacting, inductive type conductivity measurement over a wide measuring range from 0 - 2,000,000 uS.

Measurements can be made in samples from concentrated acids to 500 uS water with the same cell.

Fouling and coatings are eliminated (or at least substantially reduced) with non-contacting cells. They will provide long term, trouble free operation. These cells can be connected directly to toroidal controllers and transmitters manufactured by Rosemount, Foxboro and many others.

All toroidal sensors are submersion ready to mount in tanks. Our standard polypro TCS1000 can be mounted in-line with our unique 2" keyed CPVC flowcell. The optional PEEK or PVDF models are monted in a standard 2" NPT pipe tee, with the use of our  316 SS adapter.

Product Highlights
Polypropylene Construction 
PVDF or PEEK Construction
Submersion Mounting
In-line Mounting
Toroidal,Conductivity,Sensors,Sensorex Toroidal,Conductivity,Sensors,SensorexToroidal,Conductivity,Sensors,Sensorex

All models include a standard style ATC measuring element and a 20' (6 meter) cable. Be sure to specify your ATC element when ordering. Standard construction is Polypropylene. Optional materials include PVDF (KYNAR) and PEEK.