Variable,Speed,Metering,Pump,SVP1H1,SVP Series,Stenner

Variable Speed Metering Pump - SVP1H1 SVP Series From Stenner

Variable Speed Metering Pump

  • 100 psi (6.9 bar)

  • max 5 gpd (19 lpd)

How It Works

Stenner’s adjustable variable speed pump has a DC motor with a detachable pump head which is universal to all Stenner pumps. The SVP1 pump has a simple four button keypad with a large LED display. The pump is manually adjusted in 1% increments with the up and down arrows on the keypad. The SVP1 also includes prime and on/off buttons on the keypad. All Stenner metering pumps have a 3-point roller design in the pump head, which acts as a check valve to prevent back flow, siphoning, overdosing and loss of prime.

The rotation of the shaft drives the roller assembly within the pump head. The chemical solution in the pump tube is captured between the rollers as they rotate and compress the tube. As the rollers advance, the squeezed tube section regains its original form and generates a vacuum, creating the self-priming feature that delivers a constant flow unaffected by the outlet pressure.


  • Self-priming up to 25 feet and does not lose prime

  • Can pump off-gassing solutions

  • Solutions contained in tube, not exposed to pump components or air

  • Subassemblies fit together without tools; easy service or conversion to another model

  • Pump head universal to all Stenner pumps

  • Can run dry without damage

  • Will not clog from dirt or debris

  • Reproducible outputs within 2%

  • Pump tubes accept a variety of chemicals

  • Heavy duty motor for longer life and quiet operation

  • 20:1 turndown in 1% increments, non-scalable

  • Four-button keypad with large LED display

SVP1H1 SVP Series

Variable,Speed,Metering,Pump,SVP1H1,SVP Series,Stenner

Variable,Speed,Metering,Pump,SVP1H1,SVP Series,Stenner

A rotating assembly of rollers compresses a flexible tube within a housing to create a vacuum to lift a chemical solution. The self-priming peristaltic pump is also referred to a hose, tube or dosing pump.

Variable,Speed,Metering,Pump,SVP1H1,SVP Series,Stenner SVP Series Pump
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Variable,Speed,Metering,Pump,SVP1H1,SVP Series,Stenner SVP Series Pump
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Variable,Speed,Metering,Pump,SVP1H1,SVP Series,Stenner SVP Series Pump
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SVP1H1 SVP Series Specifications Summary

Outputs @ 50Hz & 60Hz
Gallons per day: 0.3 to 5.0
Gallons per hour: 0.01 to 0.21
Liters per day: 1.1 to 18.9
Liters per hour: 0.05 to 0.79
Ounces per minute: 0.03 to 0.44
Milliliter per minute: 0.76 to 13.13

Discharge Pressure
26-100 psi (1.7-6.9 bar)

120V 50/60Hz; 220V 50/60Hz
230V 50/60Hz; 250V 50/60Hz International

DC Variable Speed; 45 rpm; 1/30 HP

Suction Lift
25' (7.6 m)

Maximum Operating Temperature
125° F (52° C)

Amp Draw

Dimensions (l x w x h)
10.1 x 7.0 x 6.1 in
(25.7 x 17.8 x 15.5 cm)

Shipping Weight
9 lbs (4 kg)

Materials of Construction
All Housings: Lexan® polycarbonate plastic
Pump tube & check valve duckbill: Santoprene® FDA approved
Suction/discharge tubing & ferrules (1/4" & 6 mm): LDPE polyethylene,
NSF/FDA approved
Tube fittings, connecting nuts, check valve fitting,
weighted strainer: Type 1 Rigid PVC-NSF listed
All fasteners: Stainless Steel
Lexan® is a registered trademark of General Electric.
Santoprene® is a registered trademark of Advanced Elastomer system

Agency listings
UL, CSA , CE, NSF-61

Accessories shipped with each pump
3 connecting nuts 1/4" or 3/8"
3 ferrules 1/4" & 6 mm OR 2 ferrules 3/8"
1 injection check valve
1 weighted strainer
1 20' roll of suction/discharge tubing 1/4" or 3/8" white or UV black
OR 6 mm (Europe) white
1 spare pump tube
1 installation manual

Variable,Speed,Metering,Pump,SVP1H1,SVP Series,Stenner