Anti-Syphon/Back Pressure Valves From Walchem Corporation

Anti,Syphon,Back,Pressure,Valves,Walchem,CorporationThese rugged valves are constructed from machined components to ensure long life and reliability. The spring loaded PTFE faced diaphragms provide positive discharge pressure to stabilize pump output and prevent syphoning. All valves are screw adjustable from 0 to 150 psi. These valves are ideal for LK and EHE metering pumps, but can be used with any metering pump requiring back pressure adjustment or anti-syphon protection.

  • E90420 Valve, BP/AS, ½" PVDF

  • E90421 Valve, BP/AS, ½" SS

  • E90491 Valve, BP/AS, ½” PVC

  • E90492 Valve, BP/AS, ½” PP

  • E90493 Valve, BP/AS, ½” PVC w/Priming Port

  • E90422 Valve, BP/AS, 1" PVC

  • E90423 Valve, BP/AS, 1" PVDF

  • E90424 Valve, BP/AS, 1" SS

  • E90425 Valve, Pressure Relief, ½" PVC

  • E90426 Valve, Pressure Relief, ½" PVDF

  • E90427 Valve, Pressure Relief, ½" SS

  • E90428 Valve, Pressure Relief, 1" PVC

  • E90429 Valve, Pressure Relief, 1" PVDF

  • E90430 Valve, Pressure Relief, 1" SS

  • E90439 Valve, Pressure Relief, ½" SS HI

  • E90440 Valve, Pressure Relief, 1" SS HI

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