Multi-Function Valves From Walchem Corporation

Multi,Function,Valves,Walchem,CorporationWalchem’s multi-function valves provide anti-syphon, back pressure and pressure relief for your 10, 15 and 20 size E class metering pumps. These valves will prevent syphoning when pumping downhill and will increase accuracy and repeatability in applications with little or no system pressure.

  • E90362 3/8”OD x 1/4”ID Tubing, VC

  • E90363 3/8”OD x 1/4”ID Tubing, VE

  • E90364 3/8”OD x 1/4”ID Tubing, PC

  • E90365 3/8”OD x 1/4”ID Tubing, PE

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