Multi,Level,Float,Switches,Levcon,Series,Albany Pump,Company,Ltd

Multi-Level Float Switches - Levcon Series From Albany Pump Company Ltd

Multi,Level,Float,Switches,Levcon,Series,Albany Pump,Company,LtdLEVCON Series Multi-Level Float Switches are of brass construction.

The tank entrance fitting is a 2" NPT galvanized iron brushing. Each switch has 1.5 feet of 18 AWG lead wire.

Floats are made of Stainless Steel.

4 drawings are attached for as follows:
LEVCON-1 (single switch point) (27kb pdf)
LEVCON-2 (two switch points) (29kb pdf)
LEVCON-3 (three switch points) (28kb pdf)
LEVCON-4 (four switch points) (29kb pdf)