Bronze Helical Gear Pumps From Oberdorfer

Bronze,Helical,Gear,Pumps,Oberdorfer Bronze,Helical,Gear,Pumps,Oberdorfer

• Bronze Corrosion Resistant Castings
• Special Cast Bronze Gears
• Stainless Steel Shafts & Fasteners
• Formed Ring Seal Packing
• Heavy Duty Carbon Bearings (Self Lubricating)
• Positive Displacement Flow

Close tolerances and the positive pumping action make the rotary gear pump capable of lifting water on the suction side as high as 20 feet. Though gear pumps are self priming, a foot valve is recommended. If possible, wet the gears with liquid to be pumped for the first dry start. Liquid retained in the system and gear chambers serves to "wet" the pump on subsequent starts.

PERFORMANCE: Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Model Max. Capacity @ 1750 rpm Max. Diff. Press.
N991 2.1 US/gpm 150 psi
N992 4.7 US/gpm 100 psi
N993 8.5 US/gpm 50 psi
N994 10.5 US/gpm 100 psi
N999 0.85 US/gpm 100 psi
N970 19.8 US/gpm 150 psi
N1100 40.0 US/gpm @ 1150 rpm 150 psi

PEDISTAL MOUNT: Bronze gear Pumps

Model Max. Capacity @ 1750 rpm Max. Diff. Press.
N1000 2.1 US/gpm 100 psi
N2000 4.0 US/gpm 100 psi
N3000 7.25 US/gpm 100 psi
N4000 10.6 US/gpm 100 psi
N7000 19.8 US/gpm 100 psi
N9000 23.3 US/gpm 100 psi
N11 60.0 US/gpm 100 psi
N13 83.0 US/gpm 100 psi


Notes: At 150 PSI the above selections are suitable for pumping fluids with lubricity (e.q. oils, polymers). Service life will be increased substantially if the liquid pumped is clean and has some degree of lubricity. These positive displacement pumps have tight tolerances. Fine abrasives like sand, silt, or powders in suspension will accelerate pump wear and reduce throughput.

The pump by-pass is not intended to be a metering or flow control device. Its main purpose is to function as a pressure relief when the desired set point is exceeded, overheating can occur within 5 -10 minutes if the discharge line is completely shut off for extended periods. Reversing rotation reverses the"IN" and "OUT" ports and the location of the by-pass ports have to be reversed. The by-pass valve is factory set at 50 p.s.i. To increase the setpoint, turn the by-pass valve adjusting screw in a clockwise direction.