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Sure Cross® DX99 FlexPower Nodes In Metal Housing Models

DX99 Metal Housing Models

The DX99 FlexPower Nodes inside a metal housing are powered by a lithium "D" cell integrated into the housing.

  • State-of-the-art combination of wireless communication, battery technology, and intrinsically safe electronics

  • Discrete, analog, and temperature input types are available

  • Battery-based power supply provides power for third-party 4 to 20 mA and NAMUR process sensors

  • Metal housing devices include a 3.6 V D cell lithium battery integrated into the housing

To simplify the certifications, we have created a reference guide that lists all CSA and ATEX certifications by model, defines the environments, and explains the codes used on ATEX certificates

Control Drawings: 141513

CSA Certificate of Compliance

ATEX Certificate of Compliance

DX99 FlexPower Node with Metal Housing

Certified for operation in the following locations:

  • Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D

  • Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, G

  • Class III, Division 1

  • Zone 0 (Group IIC) and Zone 20 (Group II)

Model Frequency Boost Power I/O
DX99N9X1S2N0M2X0D1 900 MHz 10 V Discrete: Two inputs
Analog: Two inputs (0-20 mA)
DX99N9X1S2N0M2X0D2 18 V
DX99N9X1S2N0V2X0D1 10 V Discrete: Two inputs
Analog: Two inputs (0-10 V)
DX99N9X1S2N0V2X0D2 18 V
DX99N2X1S2N0M2X0D1 2.4 GHz 10 V Discrete: Two inputs
Analog: Two inputs (0-20 mA)
DX99N2X1S2N0M2X0D2 18 V
DX99N2X1S2N0V2X0D1 10 V Discrete: Two inputs
Analog: Two inputs (0-10 V)
DX99N2X1S2N0V2X0D2 18 V
DX99N9X1S2N0T4X0D0 900 MHz n/a Thermocouple: Three inputs, one thermistor input
Discrete: Two (NPN) inputs
DX99N2X1S2N0T4X0D0 2.4 GHz
DX99N9X1S0N0R4X0D0 900 MHz RTD: Four inputs
DX99N2X1S0N0R4X0D0 2.4 GHz
DX99N9X1S2N0B2X0D0 900 MHz n/a Bridge: Two inputs
Discrete: Two inputs
DX99N2X1S2N0B2X0D0 2.4 GHz
DX99N9X1S1S0V2X0D4 900 MHz 13 V Inputs (Modbus Mode): One RS-485
Inputs (Voltage Mode): Two analog, one discrete
DX99N2X1S1S0V2X0D4 2.4 GHz
DX99N9X1S1N0M3X0D5 900 MHz 19 V

Inputs: One analog input with a 29 second warm-up time; one sinking discrete

Additional Input Configurations: One 3-wire 100-Ohm Platinum RTD, one sinking discrete, and two analog (0-20 mA)

DX99N2X1S1N0M3X0D5 2.4 GHz

To order the internal antenna models, replace the "S" as the 9th digit with a "W." Internal antennas require an additional week for manufacture and shipping. For example, DX99N9X1S2N0M2X0D1 is the model with the external antenna and DX99N9X1W2N0M2X0D1 is the internal antenna model.

Antenna Feedthroughs

BWA-AXFS0130, Explosion-Proof Antenna Coupler. Datasheet  



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