SENTRY CIP Dampeners From Blacoh

SENTRY, CIP Dampeners, Blacoh, Fluid, Control

SENTRY CIP sanitary flow through dampeners with unique patent pending bladders are sspecificaly designed for hygenic clean-in-place applications.

SENTRY CIP Dampeners :

  • Inline, flow through design eliminates product holdup

  • Self-draining single body construction for easy clean-in-place

  • Ideally suited for handling slurries and viscous fluids; gentle enough for the most delicate products

SENTRY, CIP Dampeners, Blacoh, Fluid, Control

Unique Patent Pending Tube Bladder:

  • Internal molded ribs prevent collapse under pressure, replacing other designs with perforated tubes that collect and trap particles

  • Molded ends connect directly to pipe and seal with Tri-Clamp fasteners; no separate gaskets required

Stainless Steel Single Body Construction

  • 316L polished stainless steel body with 2.5 inch Tri-Clamp connections

  • USP Class VI pharma-grade silicone bladder

  • End cap option for mounting in vertical position

  • Choice of adjustable or chargeable air controls


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