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Blue Ribbon Corp. Accessories

Image of Model BCP3000 Surge Protector BCP3000, BCP3005

The BCP3000 Surge Protector is designed to assist in the prevention of damage to the BC001 Birdcage Submersible Level Transmitters from damaging voltage & current surges.
Image of Model BCH-2000 Cable Hanger BCH2000

The BCH2000 Cable Hanger eliminates unnecessary stresses on the transmitter while installed in the application.
Image of Model FTS Model FTS

Pressure Snubbers are designed to reduce/ prevent pressure oscillations & fluctations from reaching & affecting pressure instruments.
Click here for Model pressure Snubber Pressure Snubber w/Choke Valve

Protects pressure gauges against pressure perturbation, surges and fluid hammers.
Image of Model Piston Piston Type Pressure Snubber

The unit-to-unit uniformity and easy piston changing makes installing a piston type snubber into your system a smart choice.
Image of Pressure Limiting Valve Pressure Limiting Valve

Prevent damage to gauge / instruments due to sudden pressure surge. Maximum working pressure 6,000 PSI.
Image of BB4000 "A14", "A15", "NV-B-1/4"

Ball Valve Style Gauge Cock, Brass Body rating 700 PSI at 250°F. Needle Valve, Brass Body rated at 5000 PSI.
Image of Test Port Plugs Test Port Plugs

These test ports are designed for permanent installation into piping system for quick access during maintenance checks.
Image of syphon Syphon (Pigtail)

This is typically used to act as a cooling or warming leg for applications where the process temperature is higher or lower.
Image of syphon Instrumentation Needle Valves

Mini, Full size & Hex Valves. They are designed for heavy-duty process applications or other industrial applications that require high-pressure carbon steel or stainless shut-off valves.