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Image of Model BCP3000Model BCP3000 BCP3005 Surge Protector

The Model BCP3000 BCP 3005 Surge Protector from Blue Ribbon Corporation is designed to assist in the prevention of damage to the BC001 Birdcage Submersible Level Transmitters from damaging voltage & current surges.

The Model BCP3000 BCP3005 Surge Protector is packaged as a 17.5 mm wide, Din-rail mounted, pluggable surge protector. Protection is achieved through the use of tightly coordinated hybrid circuits consisting of fast responding Surge-Arresting Diodes (SAD,) high powered current handling Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) and a series decoupling elements. This device applies to the 2-wire 4-20 mA output transmitters as well as the 0-5 VDC transmitters. This device is able to protect against fast rising voltage as well as current surges from lightning. Total surge protection is 20 kA (8/20) µs. In addition, a local failure indication light on the device changes from green to red if there is a fault due to overloading. Remote failure indication is also standard on this device.

Surge Protector BCP3000, BCP3005 |

Image of Model BCH-2000Model BCH2000 Cable Hanger

The Model BCH2000 Cable Hanger from Blue Ribbon Corporation is designed to eliminate unnecessary stresses on the transmitter while installed in the application. Affordably priced, the Model BCH2000 Cable Hanger is designed for easy installation within a variety of environments. In addition to its Accessories, Blue Ribbon Corporation offers a full line of pressure and level transducers, industrial pressure gauges, industrial grade thermometers, diaphragm seals to suit a variety of requirements.

Cable Hanger BCH2000 |

Image of syphonInstrumentation Needle Valves

Instrumentation Needle Valves from Blue Ribbon Corporation are designed for heavy-duty process applications or other industrial applications that require high-pressure carbon steel or stainless shut-off valves.

Instrumentation Needle Valves |

Image of syphonPigtail Siphons

Pigtail Siphons from Blue Ribbon Corporation are typically used to act as a cooling or warming leg for applications where the process temperature may be higher or lower than the “normal” working temperature range, as specified by NIST B40.1, in relation to the instrumentation. Temperature extremes can lead to measurement inaccuracy, or otherwise shorten the life span of instrumentation that is not specifically designed for severe duty applications. Pigtail Siphons are typically used to act as a cooling or warming leg for applications where the process temperature is higher or lower.

Pigtail Siphons |

Image of Test Port PlugsTest Port Plugs

Test port plugs from Blue Ribbon Corporation are designed for permanent installation into piping system for quick access during maintenance checks.

Test Port Plugs |

Image of BB4000Valves “A14”, “A15”, “NV-B-1/4”

Valves “A14”, “A15”, “NV-B-1/4” – Ball Valve Style Gauge Cock, Brass Body rating 700 PSI at 250°F. Needle Valve, Brass Body rated at 5000 PSI.

"A14", "A15", "NV-B-1/4" |


Image of Pressure Limiting ValvePressure Limiting Valves

Pressure Limiting Valves from Blue Ribbon Corporation are called Overload Protectors or Gauge Savers. The PLV cuts off pressure rising above the desired pressure value (preset value), thus preventing failure of pressure gauge (instruments) and also stops possible damages such as hazardous leakages, explosions, etc. The Pressure Limiting Valve shuts off the system with quick and positive action of built in push-rod device. As and when, the pressure falls below the pre-set pressure value, the line and/or the pressure gauge will be automatically put into operation again. The Pressure Limiting Valve is of extreme importance and necessity for the protection of the pressure sensitive instruments against over pressures, sudden line induced pressure surges, which are principal causes of the instrument and subsequent system failure. The Gauge Saver can be supplied to function at different cutoff pressure values upon special request. Repeat accuracy of the unit depends on the rate of pressure rise. However, an accuracy of ±10% of the set pressure may be expected.

Pressure Limiting Valve |

Click here for Model pressure SnubberAdjustable Pressure Snubber with Choke Valve

The Adjustable Pressure Snubber with Choke Valve from Blue Ribbon Corporation is designed to protect pressure gauges against pressure perturbation, surges and fluid hammers. It also Isolates gauges for service or replacement. Designed to support pressure ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 PSI

Pressure Snubber w/Choke Valve |

Image of Model FTSModel FTS Filter Type Pressure Snubbers

Model FTS Filter Type Pressure Snubbers from Blue Ribbon Corporation are designed to reduce/ prevent pressure oscillations & fluctuations from reaching & affecting pressure instruments.

Pressure Oscillations and other sudden pressure changes can affect the delicate mechanisms of a pressure gauge or pressure transmitter. This can result in either complete failure of the instrument or false and inaccurate readings. Model FTS Filter Type Pressure Snubbers are designed to reduce or prevent these oscillations and fluctuations from reaching and affecting pressure instruments. Pressure snubbers stop pressure spikes only; a pressure snubber will not stop any prolonged overpressure. Spikes last for milliseconds only, over pressures lasting longer than that can damage the pressure sensor. Model FTS Filter Type Pressure Snubbers are the “filter” type using a porous filter media made of sintered metal. Because the filter element is a fine mesh type, it should be used on processes that do not contain anything that would clog the media. In the event that the snubber does get clogged with dirt or particulate from the process, our snubbers can be disassembled for cleaning if necessary.

Model FTS Filter Type Pressure Snubber |

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