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Diaphragm Seals From Blue Ribbon Corp.

Image of Model BR-DST BR-DST Diaphragm Seal Threaded Offline, Data Sheet
Full size most versatile for all applications
Image of Model BR-M35 BR-M35 Series, Data Sheet
Mini Seals, best low cost for small instruments.
Image of BR-M45 BR-M45 Series, Data Sheet
Medium Seals, best low cost for medium to large instruments.
Image Model BR-M35 BR-M35-LP Series, Data Sheet
Low Pressure, large area diaphragm for low pressure & vacuum applications.
Image of BRPV BR PV Series, Data Sheet
Isolate pressure, instruments from corrosive media.
Image of BRGDSA1 BRGDSA1/BRGDSA2, Data Sheet
Molded Polypropylene or PVDF gauge & diaphragm seal assembly.