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Liquid Polymer Blend And Feed System - dynaBLEND™ HydroAction

Liquid, Polymer, Blend, Feed, System, Liquid Polymer Blend And Feed System, dynaBLEND, HydroActionThe 3 Stages of HydroACTION

Stage 1: Initial ultra-High Energy

A pressure drop occurring across the specially designed variable orifice water control valve produces a high velocity water jet. This water jet, traveling at approximately 70 ft. per second, is aimed directly at, and impinges on, the polymer as it enters the mixing chamber. At this point, the only point where high energy exists in the mixing chamber, the polymer is coiled up and not susceptible to damage.

Stage 2: reCirculation

In dynaBLEND™'s concentric mixing chambers, newly blended polymer recirculates multiple times for additional exposure to non-damaging turbulence, completing the blending process. This recirculation ensures that polymer solution is present directly after the point of neat, concentrated polymer injection, for an ideal activation and blending environment.

Stage 3: diminishing Mixing Energy

Mixing energy naturally diminishes in the dynaBLEND™'s concentric chambers. The flow path through the system's concentric chambers further ensures optimum polymer performance by preventing polymer from short-circuiting the three stage process.

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