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Eutech Instruments

Eutech Instruments

alpha-COND500 2-Wire 1/4-DIN Conductivity Transmitter
From Eutech Instruments

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Two Wire Transmitter

alpha,COND500,2-Wire,1/4-DIN,Conductivity Transmitter,Eutech,Instrumentsalpha-COND 500 1/4-DIN 2-Wire Conductivity Transmitter

  • New Design with Isolated Output - The alpha 500 series transmitter prevents output interference due to electrical noise or leakage from the input source. Cross talk between multiple transmitters in the same loop is also eliminated.

  • Out-of-range Output Current Indicator - Monitor your process effectively using the optional out-of-range current indicator. When the monitored value exceeds the measurement range, the alpha 500 Transmitter indicates an out-of-range measurement by emitting a 3.8mA output current.

  • Hold Output Current Indicator - Use the optional HOLD output current indicator for your process control purposes. Configure the transmitter to emit the pre-set 22 mA output current to indicate ‘HOLD’ mode during calibration or set up mode.

  • Scalable 4/20 mA Current Output - Assign Conductivity values at 4 and 20 mA for better resolved output at chart recorder or other peripheral devices.

  • Custom Dual Display LCD - Primary and secondary display are available for simultaneous display of Conductivity and Temperature values. Allows instantaneous viewing of measured readings and transmitter set up configurations.

  • Easy Push Button Operation - Simply calibrate or adjust setup configuration with just a few touches of the buttons. The alpha CON 500 push-button offset adjustment makes calibration simple.

  • Temperature Compensation - Compensates variance in the measured readings due to temperature fluctuations, either Automatically (with Pt 100) or Manually (Process and Calibration temperatures can be set separately).

  • Panel or Wall Mount, IP65 Weatherproof Housing - The alpha 500 series transmitter has the flexibility to be mounted on the wall or in a control panel. In addition, the IP65 rated housing allows the transmitter to be installed outdoors or indoors. Mounting accessories are included for both types of mounting.

  • DC Voltage - Transmitters operate on a 12 to 24V D.C. power supply and multiples can be installed in a serial loop. Operations are not disrupted even if one of the transmitters requires service.

alpha,COND500,2-Wire,1/4-DIN,Conductivity Transmitter,Eutech,Instruments alpha 500 Transmitter Series

alpha,COND500,2-Wire,1/4-DIN,Conductivity Transmitter,Eutech,Instruments alpha 550/560 Monitor/Controller Series

alpha,COND500,2-Wire,1/4-DIN,Conductivity Transmitter,Eutech,Instruments Instruction Manual


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