CP-5,Container Pump,Pail Pump,Great,Plains,Industries,GPI

CP-5 Container Pump From Great Plains Industries (GPI)

CP-5,Container Pump,Pail Pump,Great,Plains,Industries,GPICP-5 Container Pump is lightweight PVC for portability. No special tools - just tighten into a 5-gallon pail. The Pail Pump makes easy work out of transferring hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and motor oil. No more heavy lifting or messy pouring and cleanup is a snap. Each pump comes in a poly bag, 12 pumps per carton. 9.0 lbs., 4.1 kg. per carton.

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Use with

Hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and motor oil (up to 90 wt. at or above 60° F).

Pump Type


Flow Rate

Up to 8 Ounces per stroke


Clear Tubing


90 Days

Unique Feature

Portable - no special tools to install