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Conveying chemicals safely

N-type standard pumps are normal-priming, single-stage, plastic centrifugal pumps with horizontal axis. Their dimensions and flow rates correspond to DIN/EN 22858. The standard use of extension coupling ensures simple dismantling of bearing supports and internal pump components without removing the pipe connections and motor. This avoids laborious alignment of the pump and motor when assembling the system.

  • Single-stage, normal-priming centrifugal pump
  • Piping connections according to DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858
  • Fast and easy removal of the bearing support
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Wetted-end parts made of highly resistant material
  • Special varnish, stainless steel pump shaft with shaft protection sleeve
  • Mechanical seal systems depending on medium
  • Perfectly dimensioned shafts and bearings
  • Lifetime lubrication of bearings in bearing support
  • Vibrationless operation
  • Wide range of capacity

pdf O&M Chemical Centrifugal N Type Standard Pump.pdf
pdf Spec Sheet Chemical Centrifugal N Type Standard Pump.pdf

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