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Suction & Discharge Side Dosing Pump Accessories From Lutz-Jesco

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logoDosing Pump Accessories - On Suction & Discharge Side

At the dosing pump

The miscellaneous accessories include sensors, water metres, back-pressure valves and vent valves, which allow continuous dosing on the suction or pressure side.

Valve AssembliesValve Assemblies

For a perfect dosing result

Valve assemblies are suitably premounted fittings consisting of a diaphragm shutoff valve and spring-loaded relief valve.

pdf Valve Assemblies.pdf
pdf Valve Assemblies Dimensions.pdf


Double Diaphragm SystemDouble Diaphragm System

For a perfect dosing result

The standard version of diaphragm dosing pumps integrates a separating chamber function. For increased requirements, a second separating chamber can be added. Thus a better protection of the pump gear unit is ensured. In the case of a diaphragm failure due to wear, a contact between the medium and the atmosphere cannot be excluded. As a result, the environment might be endangered or molested inadmissibly.

pdf Double Diaphragm System.pdf

Pressure Loading and Relief ValvesPressure Loading and Relief Valves

Keeps the operating pressure of the pump constant

Pressure loading and relief ralves are fittings for dosing plants. They are used, according to the user's requirements, to increase dosing accuracy or to protect the plant against excess pressure. Where the supply pressure is higher than the dosing pressure, dosing is not possible without a pressure loading valve.

pdf Spec Sheet Back Pressure Valves.pdf
pdf Spec Sheet Back Pressure & Pressure Relief Valves.pdf
pdf Operating Instruction Back Pressure & Pressure Relief Valves.pdf


Contact Head Water MetersContact Head Water Meters

For a perfect dosing result

Even when there are large flow fluctuations ideal proportional dosing is achieved by contact head water meters emitting pulses in proportion to the flow rate. The water meters are multijet wet-operating types with summarizing dosing works.

pdf Contact Head Water Meters.pdf


More Dosing Pumps AccessoriesMore Dosing Pumps Accessories

For a perfect dosing result

Additional dosing accessories - uuseable in many applications: dosing heads, stroke sensors, needle shutoff valves,dirt traps, separating chambers, flow controllers.

pdf Accessories.pdf
pdf Dirt Trap.pdf
pdf Dosing Heads Autom Venting.pdf
pdf Flow Monitor.pdf
pdf Spec Sheet Leakage Probe.pdf
pdf Metering Head Venting.pdf
pdf Needle Shutoff Valves.pdf
pdf Pump Bracket.pdf
pdf Separating Chamber Diaphragm Pump.pdf
pdf Stroke Sensor.pdf

Diaphragm Isolating Valves

For a perfect dosing result

The isolating valves are derived from the pressure loading and relief valves. The result is reduced inventory for a whole series of spare parts, and greater flexibility in service. The isolating device is a flat diaphragm which is pressed over the hand-wheel, the spindle and the diaphragm disc on the seat. These valves are completely leak-proof.

pdf Diaphragm Isolating Valves.pdf


Calibration ColumnsCalibration Columns

For a perfect dosing result

JESCO’s Calibration Columns are an important addition to any chemical feed system. They help ensure that the pump is pumping the specified amount of fluid by providing verification of the flow rate of the metering pump, thus they are instrumental in accurately metering the process fluid.

  • High reliability, low cost
  • High contrast graduation markings
  • Clear easy view tube
  • Robust construction
  • Direct GPH readout
  • Sealed top with overflow connection

pdf Spec Sheet Calibration Columns.pdf


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