MEMDOS DX Electronic Motor-Driven Diaphragm Dosing Pumps from Lutz-JESCO America Corp.

Diaphragm dosing pumps are leak-free, and are therefore suitable for highly aggressive or toxic media. Depending on the gear type, the diaphragm allows pressures up to 16 bar. Diaphragm dosing pumps are fitted with a separation chamber as standard. If a crack forms in the diaphragm due to wear, this prevents the medium from flooding the system components or the pump itself. The medium is controlled and flows through a downpipe to the collecting basin. The medium sides of the diaphragms are coated with PTFE.

The dosing quantity can be doubled by using two dosing heads. The largest motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump (Type GMR) has a hydraulically coupled double-diaphragm system.


Electronic motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump

MEMDOS DXThe microprocessor-based MEMDOS DX combines the properties of the MEMDOS series with the latest requirements in dosing technology. Two models are available. The smaller version can be used for capacities from 0...4 to 0...160 l/h and the larger version from 0...380 l/h. Pressures are admissible between 4 and 10 bar. The MEMDOS DX is used if the pump is to be integrated in controls or automatic control systems. It allows the adaption to a large number of different control signals and system monitoring equipment.

  • Suitable for accurate mixing tasks
  • Capacity range 4 to 393 l/h, at up to 10 bar
  • Minor dependence of the back pressure
  • Linear development of the dosing quantity
  • According to the stroke length
  • Wide range of dosing head materials
  • Double-diaphragm system optional
  • Small stand, requires little space
  • Network connection optional
  • Batch dosing optional

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