REKOS KR Big Piston Dosing Pumps from Lutz-JESCO America Corp.

Piston dosing pumps are particularly precise dosing units, which are not dependent on pressure. Dosing capacity varies proportionally with the stroke length and can be set to the tiniest repeatable quantities. Two-piston and multiple-piston pumps are therefore particularly suitable for delivering precise mixtures, where different media must be mixed at a constant ratio which can be selected as desired. Using externally controlled drive motors, the total quantity can be varied from 5% to 100% at a constant ratio. Heated heads allow the dosing of media that are torpid when cold. A piston flushing skirt is available as an option, to prevent damaging leaks and protect the packing materials and pistons from abrasive chemicals.


REKOS KRBig piston dosing pump

Rekos pumps can be supplied as simplex piston dosing pumps type KR and duplex piston dosing pumps type ZKR.
Advantages of piston dosing pumps are: minor dependency on back pressure and linear flow variation as a function of the stroke length. The dosing pumps are therefore very suitable for proportional dosing where the stroke length is adjusted by means of a remote control signal.

  • Simplex or duplex piston dosing pumps
  • Minor dependency on back pressure
  • Linear flow variation as a function of the stroke length
  • Plastic dosing heads for max. 10 bar
  • Stainless steel dosing heads for up to 200 bar
  • Double-ball, spring-loaded single-ball valves or disk valves, depending on the size
  • Dosing head with a flushing attachment
  • Piston packings in PTFE or Aramid-kevlar
  • Piston-diaphragm dosing heads available
  • Dosing head heating
  • Stroke counter with inductive detector for charge-processes (optional)
  • Stroke adjustment either manually or electrically (ATE)

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