Accessories For Dry Feeder from Lutz-JESCO America Corp.

logoFittings, bag emptying machines, dust collectors and nosepiece heaters are available, to build Lutz-Jesco dry feeders into a complete dosing installation.


For a perfect dosing result

The Suspensomat makes it possible to pre-dissolve the dry substances, using the preparation water in such a way that they are distributed homogeneously on intoduction into the container. The Suspensomat is a cone, equipped with a number of tangentially directed, single stream nozzles on the upper edge, which form a rapidly rotating film of water over the entire surface of the cone.

pdf Suspensonmat.pdf



Mixing Tee

Homogeneous discharge with water

The mixing tee consists of a chamber permitting axial flow and provided with perforated plates on the inlet and outlet side. The medium to be diluted enters the device on the inlet side and is divided by the perforated plate into many individual jets. The dilution water connection is located immediately behind this chamber, providing tangential inflow. The individual jets combine on the output side to form a homogeneous discharge.


Dust Collector

Avoid dust formation and deposits

When supplying dry feeders in batches, e.g. from bags, inadmissible dust formation might occur. As a result, the working environment is affected by dusty ventilating air as well as damaging deposits on adjacent equipment. External dust formation can be mostly avoided and sucked off specifically by using a dust collector.

pdf Spec Sheet Dust Collector.pdf

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