Dry Feeder from Lutz-JESCO America Corp.

logoBesides equipment for the precise dosing of liquid and gaseous media, Lutz-Jesco offers dry dosing units, along with the related accessories for building a complete dosing installation.

Lutz-Jesco dry feeders work by volume, i.e. the weight of the dosing material is not considered. They are self-supporting, welded structures made with stainless steel sheet, and they are available with various delivery capacities.

Dry FeederDry Feeder

For a perfect dosing result

Dry feeders are used to provide accurate dosing of bulk material required in chemical and process engineering. Such substances can be metered if the particles of the material are as fine as dust or in the form of pellets, flakes or short fibres. All dry feeders described here are volumetric types and are equipped with hollow worms (lead screws). dosing is not related to the type of material.

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