Water Sampling Station PM 03 From Lutz-Jesco

Water Sampling Station PM 03 PM 03 Water Sampling Station

Water Values – Valuable Water

The water sampling station PM 03 fulfils all the requirements of the measuring and control technology in pressurised water networks. It is thereby used for the determination and control of the chlorine/chlorine dioxide concentration in water treatment. Thus the instrument table is used in many applications. The PM 03 is perfectly suited for use in warm water networks with temperatures up to 60 °C and pressure up to 6 bar. All of the water sampling stations’s temperature and pressure-loaded components are made from high quality materials.

  • Measurement of free chlorine or chlorine dioxide with potentiostatic measuring cell
  • Measurement of pH value or Redox
  • Clearly arranged format that is sure to function
  • Pressure-resistant to 6 bar
  • Temperatures up to 60 °C
  • Pipe installation and cabling is done by the factory
  • Possible recirculation of test water in the mains

pdf O & M Water Sampling Station PM 03.pdf
pdf Water Sampling Station PM 03.pdf
pdf Spec Sheet Water Sampling Station PM 03.pdf

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