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Lutz-Jesco's highly accurate sensors, measuring cells and measuring chains allow the most precise measurements to be taken during dosing. Depending on the configuration of the directly connected controller, it is possible to have an immediate response affecting the dosing process.

Temperature SensorsTemperature Sensors

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The automatic temperature measurement of water types is made possible by the resistance thermometer of type Pt 100.

Measuring Chain pH/RedoxMeasuring Chain pH/Redox

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The pH or Redox measuring equipment used for determining the pH or Redox value by the potentiometric method consists of a glass electrode, the reference electrode and the transducer.

pdf Electrodes pH Redox.pdf

Measuring cell Cl2/ClO2/H2O2Measuring cell Cl2/ClO2/H2O2

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In order to monitor the disinfection process, a measuring cell has been developed which is working according to the principle of depolarization of a galvanic element. The measuring cell contains a platinum and a copper electrode. With the sample water acting as the electrolyte, galvanic potential develops between the two electrodes, depending on the electrode material.

pdf Spec Sheet Chlorine Measuring Cells.pdf
pdf Spec Sheet Chlorine Sensors.pdf

Conductivity Measuring CellConductivity Measuring Cell

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Conductivity measuring cells are used in analytical procedures in combination with measuring transducers to determine the conductivity of liquids. The electrolytic conductivity is defined as the ability of a substance to conduct an electrical current. Measurement of the conductivity depends on the concentration of the medium being measured.

pdf Conductivity Sensor Conductive.pdf
pdf Conductivity Measuring Cells.pdf


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