Software For TOPAX Controller From Lutz-Jesco

In addition to the manual controls and direct indication of parameters and measurement values at the TOPAX controllers, Lutz-Jesco also offers software products for remote maintenance and display at a PC.

TopView SoftwareTopView Software

Remote access

All TOPAX controllers from Lutz-Jesco are equipped with a network interface. Using the software TopView, the customer is in the position to read out and visualise the current measurements and statuses of each TOPAX controller remote via an RS 485 Bus network at any time. Up to 15 controllers can be addressed at the same time.

  • Display and monitoring of the TOPAX controllers
  • RS 485 Bus network
  • Automatic recognition of the TOPAX variants
  • Connection of up to 15 controllers
  • Connection of a crossbar switch with up to 8 digital in-/ outputs
  • Display and archiving of all occurring alarms
  • Automatic daily log
  • Daily operational log
  • Free trial version
  • Windows Vista compatible
pdf User Manual TopView3.pdf
pdf Interface Converter.pdf
pdf Computer Interface.pdf
pdf Spec Sheet TopView.pdf

TopReader SoftwareTopReader Software

Data transfer from TOPAX DX

The TopReader software reads out the internal memory card of the TOPAX DX multi-channel controller. In this way measurement values and messages can be taken over from the controller to a computer. The software is available free of charge in the download area after registering.

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