Accessories For Measuring And Control Equipment From Lutz-Jesco

For its measuring and control products, Lutz-Jesco offers special fittings, calibration appliances and other accessories that simplify the measuring process.

Puffer SolutionsPuffer Solutions

Accurate measuring cell calibration

To achieve highly accurate measurements of water properties, regular calibration and comparative measurements of the cells are required, for example, pH, ORP, compared with high-quality buffer solutions.

Puffer SolutionsFittings

For a perfect dosing result

Useable in many applications.




Puffer SolutionsPhotometer

Simple and fast measuring cell calibration

The operation results of control systems in water treatment decisively depend on the quality of the sensors signal. That's why sensors calibration is of central importance. Especially in the case of systems with several measuring points it is crucial to provide for a simple and fast operation of the manual comparison measurement. Our photometer meets these requirements and offers additionally a high measuring accuracy and a robust construction.

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