LMI,Series H9,High Pressure,Electronic Metering Pumps,Electronic,Metering,Pumps

LMI Series H9 High Pressure Electronic Metering Pumps

LMI,Series H9,High Pressure,Electronic Metering Pumps,Electronic,Metering,PumpsThe Series H9 Metering Pump is designed for very low output injection into high pressure systems. An electronic pump with a 316 S.S. packed plunger liquid end provide users with all the advantages of an electronic pump in applications where previously only motor-driven pumps could be used.

Type “9” control is standard with the stroke speed manually controlled or externally controlled by a digital or milliamp input.

Max. Output
Series H: 0.14 GPH (0.50 l/h)

Max. Pressure
1000 psi (70.0 bar


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