MX-320 Boiler Blowdown Timer from Metex Corporation

Reads pH, mV (for ORP/Redox measurements) and temperature

MX-320,Boiler,Blowdown,Timer Overview
The Metex MX-320 is a microprocessor based dual channel timer/controller that can operate a solenoid blowdown valve and chemical feed pump in proportion to any standard contact head water meter.
Each timer has an independent accumulator (counter) for setting the make-up water meter trip point.
Special warning feature advises incorrect settings.
The Metex MX-320 is used in boiler control applications. For cooling tower applications use the Model MX-310.


The Metex MX-300 can be configured for two different modes of operation:
Parallel Mode:
The chemical pump and blowdown valve operate independently from a signal from the water meter.
Serial Mode:
The valve relay is triggered first by the water meter, and after having timed out, the pump relay is triggered. The pump and valve timers will never be on simultaneously.
Test/Prime Mode:
In the Test Mode, either output relay can be manually activated for its pre-set time.
In the Prime Mode, either output relay will run for 5 minutes, then revert to automatic control.

Microprocessor based
Two-line LCD display
Splash-proof membrane keypad
User-friendly menu driven programming
Timer Range: 1-59,999 sec. (16.6 Hrs.)
Contact Input Range: 1-999 counts
Relay output rating: 5 Amps each
Pulse Overflow Indication
NEMA 4X Enclosure, 7” x 5” x 3”
Pre-wired with power cord and pigtails
CSA Approved

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Model 320 Boiler Blowdown Controller