Foam Level Detector

Foam,Level,DetectorOverview: The Model MX-8000 Foam Level Detector can be configured to trigger an alarm output and/or turn on an anti-foam chemical pump if foam is detected.

Applications include foam control in cooling towers, water treatment plants and
process plants. An ultra-high sensitivity adjustment allows the MX-8000 to
respond to very fine light foam through thick frothy foam.

An adjustable built-in timer can be set to maintain a minimum or maximum run time for an anti-foam pump if foam is detected. The electronic board is mounted in a remote enclosure with optional power cord or pig-tail receptacles for an anti-foam pump.


Solid stainless steel rod
Teflon insulator with Viton seals

Explosion-proof housing

120 VAC 60 Hz, 2 watts

Two DPDT relays, 5 Amp resistive

Fail Safe:
Selectable high or low

Time Delay:
Adjustable from 1 second to 2 hours

-30ºF to 450ºF

Class I, Group C,D. Class II, Group E,F,G
Warranty: 2 years