Regal, Smartvalve, Series 7000

Regal Smartvalve Series 7000

Regal, Smartvalve, Series 7000Chlorinators' new Series 7000 SMARTVALVE is a highly sophisticated flow proportional control valve, for use wherever chlorine or sulfur dioxide is needed to treat varying water flow rates.

- Can be factory-configured to operate in either flow proportional or step rate control mode.

- Valve is always linear when dosage is set at 1:1, because unique "linearization" program in microcontroller compensates for tolerance differences in valve plugs, rotameters, component parts, etc.

- Can be operated in the field four ways: fully automatic, electric/manual, and two (2) methods of manual.

- Adjustable
"low flow" alarm circuit, consisting of an LED and a relay alerts operator to flow transmitter problems.

Digital displays indicate: -
- Flow rate: in actual numbers. or as a percent of flow.
- Valve plug'position in PPD - (Pounds Per Day) of actual gas feed rate.
- Dosage value
- Mode of operation: Automatic or Electric/Manual
- Low Flow Alarm, in percent.

Series 7000 SMARTVALVE Flow Pacing Valve for Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide