seepex, E, Semi, Submersible Pumps

seepex E Semi-Submersible Pumps

seepex, E, Semi, Submersible Pumpsseepex semi-submersible pumps of product group E are installed vertically. They pump liquids of different viscosities, which may be abrasive or even aggressive. Due to their high degree of efficiency, the low space requirements and the maintenance-friendly design, seepex semi-submersible pumps feature low operating cost and are thus a cost-efficient alternative to other pump systems. Pumps of product group E are self-priming.
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seepex semi-submersible pumps of the BE range available in the semi-submersible variants crane suspension, wall-mounting, circular mounting plate with pressure branch on top or on the bottom are suited for draining clarifiers, sumps, tanks, pits and containers of all types. Using gas-tight circular mounting plates, the pumps can be installed in closed systems and thus facilitate complying with the strict environmental protection regulations.
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