Color Paperless Recorder from Supcon

MultiF® R3000 Color Paperless Recorder

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The R3000 series Color Paperless Recorder is a kind of the MultiF® intelligent instrument family. It is the solid-state replacement for traditional paper chart recorders.

The recorder offers real-time display of data on a color LCD display and data storage on flash memory. The R3000 has 1~12 universal analog inputs for direct current and voltage signals, thermocouples and resistance thermometers. Sensor type and measurement range are freely configurable. Up to 12 relays is provided to output alarm information.

Original appearance design, superior hardware quality, perfect software function and reliable mechanical framework make this instrument more cost-effective. In particular, the function of knob operation is a revolution at instrument domain.


Color Paperless Recorder R3000 can be applied to:

  • Chemical processing
  • Petroleum processing
  • Metal processing
  • Power generations
  • Production of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Manufacturing assembly areas
  • Wastewater monitoring and recording
  • Heat treating etc.


Color Paperless Recorder Key Screen

Digital Display

Real-Time Single Channel Trend 


6 Channel Bargraph


6 Channels Historical Trend

Flux Totalizer Display

System Configuration

Channel Configuration


Flux Configuration


Color Paperless Recorder Main Features

More channels
Up to 12 AI channel, all universal input

Large capacity of storage
8M bytes flash memory to storage process data and configuration data, and CF card to transfer data.

Color screen
TFT true color screen, 256 colors (max.)

Rich communication interface
RS-232C or RS-485 communication interface are provided. These interfaces make user send data to micro-printer or notebook PC easily. In addition, it can be a node in 485 networking, and can exchange data with PC by suitable management software.

Convenient print function
Directly linking with micro-printer

Perfect flux models
6 Flux models provided: uncompensated, common gas, overheated steam, saturated steam, linear pressure compensation and linear temperature compensation

Daily, monthly accumulation reports
Daily, monthly flow accumulation or heat accumulation reports of every channel are available.

Rate alarm
High and low rate-of-change limits are offered besides normal alarm limits

Broken sensor direction
When thermocouple burns out, the value could be upscale, downscale or hold.


Color Paperless Recorder Main Specifications

Analog Input
12 channels max
Voltage:               0~5V, 1~5V, 0~20mV, 0~100mV, -10~10V;
Current:                0~10mA, 4~20mA;
RTD:                    Pt100,     Cu50;
Thermocouple:         E, K, J, S, B, T, N, R, WL5-26;
Power source (optional): 24VDC 50mA short-circuit proof

Digital output
12 channels max
12 output relay, 250VAC, 3A (resistive load);

Up to 12 channels

Media: RS-232 & RS-485;
Baud rate: 1200, 9600, 19200, 57600;

Sampling period and recording time
Sampling period: 1s
Recording interval: 1/2/4/10/30s, 1/10/30/60min
If 12 trace and 8M bytes memory
Recording interval: 1s             recording time 4 days

Standard signal: 0.1% F.S.;
mV signal: 0.1% F.S.;
RTD signal: 0.1% F.S.;
-10~10V: 0.1% F.S.;
Thermocouple: 0.2% F.S.
CMRR>120dB; Noise Rejection>50dB (Series mode);

Power supply
85V~264VAC; 47~63Hz

Power consumption
Approx. 50 VA

Ambient conditions
Operate Temp : 0 to 50Relative Humidity : 10 to 85% RH;
Transportation and storage temperature : -20 to 60, Relative Humidity : 5 to 95%

Dimensions (mm)
Bezel Size: 144 x 144mm
Panel Depth: 240 mm;
Panel cut out: 138 x 138 mm

Panel mounting

Color: color
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels